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The field of wellness and nutrition is dynamic and exciting.
There’s always something going on, whether it’s groundbreaking research, special events or new opportunities. Here’s what’s been engaging my attention lately...


Radio interview with Dr. Valentine on 12/7/2016 discussing healthy nutrition during stressful times. Click here to listen!


What’s getting my attention recently is the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton,
a cellular biologist at Stanford University.

He has placed scientific evidence behind a belief I hold strongly. And that is each of us manifests our own health and wellness as well as our fundamental success in life, based upon our perceptions of the world around us…our environment.

Until recently, it has been widely believed that our genes determine our general level of health and well being in life (genetic determinism). However, the work of Dr. Lipton and others has shown this hypothesis is not correct.

Consider some facts that fly in the face of genetic determinism:

• In experiments, where the nucleus is removed from a cell the cell continues to live and thrive without it. (Remember, the nucleus contains the DNA (genes) of the cell and therefore the organism).

• Cells with no nucleus can be placed in a toxic environment, yet will adapt to that new environment and will thrive.

• Rather than cells being controlled genetically from within, it is the cell membrane that senses information from its environment and stimulates change to adapt to its ever changing environment.

• Our belief system creates our inner environment that our cells adapt to.

• Our physical health and well being is therefore determined by our beliefs and our perceptions.

“Genes are not causative, but only correlated, just blueprints that are altered
as needed by environmental demands.” (Bruce Lipton, PhD)

This new scientific discovery is extremely empowering! It tells us that we are the master of our own destiny. Sit in the drivers seat of your destiny!

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